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  First refuge in Cuba

  A humble unnumbered bedroom located at the Ambos Mundos Hotel turned to be within a few hours the first Cuban shelter of Ernest Hemingway in April 1928. He returned there staying in the same room of the fifth floor of the building where he wrote a few years later (1928) “For Whom the Bells Tolls”.
The present Room 511 converted into a sanctuary that honors the stay of the novelist, stores different objects in its sixteen- meters square as to say: a wooden marriage bed, two night tables, and a desk with its chair. Although, he would rather work barefooted, standing on his feet while putting his portable typewriter on the windowsill.
He lived in that place during seven years (1932-1939). He tried diverse genres, from excellent chronicles about fishing like "Marlin to the height of Morro", published in the magazine Esquire, until deep analysis of other topics published in several countries.
It is only hardly located at only 20 meters of the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, in the street Bishop #153 corner to Mercaderes the hotel Ambos Mundos lives moments of splendor in the middle of XXI century after being remodeled taking extreme care of the simplest details that accompanied him from its construction in 1923.
Under the administration of Habaguanex S.A. the center has 52 standard double pieces and four mini-suites. Their maximum capacity overcomes the hundred guests.
The Hhotel Ambos Mundos, with category of four stars, it is frequently visited by the international tourism that pursues the symbiosis between the tradition of the very old constructions and the modernity of our times.
It acquired a special significance Room 511 where you can go any day of the week from ten in the morning and up to five in the afternoon.
In the heart of Old Havana, proclaimed by the UNESCO a World Heritage Site, this jewel of Cuban hotels is admired by many reasons, but perhaps one of the most important ones is that Ernest Hemingway still lives there...

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